Liberty Swaddle Pod Yellow /Red

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The Swaddle Pod has been ingeniously designed and recommended by a neo-natal nurse and mother of four as a one piece no buckles, straps or velcro swaddling pod. Just pop on and off like a sock! ‘Swaddle Pods’® are made in the Cotswolds UK by experienced seamstresses, using only the finest quality 100% breathable, washable stretch UK made cotton. Shaped like a peapod with a curved top to eliminate any suffocation risk.
‘We have scientific evidence to support the age-old belief that swaddled infants sleep better than unswaddled infants’.... Dr Claudia Gerard, Washington University School of Medicine
Research has shown that the majority of infants accepted supine sleeping, including 78% who were used to sleeping prone (or tummy). The authors concluded that using swaddling and supine (or back) sleeping can promote a further reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Gerard, CM, Harris KA, Thach BT. Physiological Studies on Swaddling