How to Wear your Liberty Ring Sling

Helpful suggestions for 1st timers

When the using your Sling for the first time make sure your baby is rested and fed so she/he is in a good mood and ready to try something new.

Getting Started

Lay your sling down. Then take the tail and spread the fabric out. Take the right side of the sling tail in your right hand, and the left side of the sling tail in your left hand. Gather the fabric together, working towards the centre, as if you are folding up a fan. When you reach the centre, your sling should be all gathered together. Now thread about 1/3 of the fabric up through both rings. Fold the fabric over and loop it back through the bottom ring. The sling is now threaded. The fabric hanging down from the rings is called the "tail".

Make sure that the fabric is well spread, in order to slide easily through the rings.

Ring Sling Fitting
Ring Sling Fitting


To put on your sling

Hold the rings in one hand and the centre bottom of the tail in the other hand.

Ring Sling FittingPull all of the fabric through both rings. Stop when the end of the tail is even with the bottom of the pouch. At this point, the sling should hang in even thirds, with the tail being one-third and the two halves of the sling being the other two-thirds. Pull all of the fabric back through one ring, just like threading a belt. Once the fabric is threaded through the rings, gather it evenly around the rings. Be sure that the edges are isolated in the rings. If the fabric is twisted or bunched in the rings, or if the edges are not isolated, it will be difficult to adjust.

Rest the rings in front of your right shoulder. If you put the rings of the sling on your shoulder or if you put the sling around your neck you will not be as comfortable as with the rings in front of your shoulder

Cradle Hold

Ring Sling Fitting

  • Is a comfortable and snug position, great for newborns and small babies.
  • You can also breastfeed in this position.
  • Wonderful for naps and maximum closeness

How to do it:

Hold your baby with your left arm and with your right hand; pull one side of your sling up against your chest to create a deep pouch. Open the pouch with one hand and, while supporting your baby's head and weight, set your baby in with the head on either side (bigger babies probably won't be comfortable with their head in the side of the rings). Continue to support your baby as you pull the upper rail to tighten the outer part of the pouch and the lower rail to tighten the inner part.

Tummy to Tummy

Ring Sling Fitting

  • It's a great position for avoiding reflux and burping your baby
  • Promotes closeness and visual contact
  • For newborns you can pull up the fabric to hold their head

How to do it:

Hold your baby on your shoulder as if you were going to burp him.

Slide your baby down into the pouch; spread apart the two layers of fabric to open the pouch

Pull lower rail up to baby's knees, and the upper rail up to his neck. If you're using this position with a newborn you should cover his head and tighten the top of the fabric enough to support your baby's head.

Kangaroo Carry

Ring Sling Fitting

  • Great for bigger babies, who want to peek out to the world, and socialize.
  • Legs are crossed "indian way". It mimics womb position
  • Babies love to be able to see what happens

How to do it:

Turn your baby so that you're facing his back.

Cross his legs and lift his knees while sliding him down into the pocket.

While supporting your baby's weight, pull the upper rail up to baby's chest. Make sure that there's a layer of fabric between your chest and your baby's back.

Hip Carry

Ring Sling Fitting

  • This position is ideal for bigger children with good head control. You'll use it a lot with you older babies.
  • The hip carry mimics arm's natural position to hold a baby, supporting the weight with your shoulder, back and hips.
  • If baby falls asleep you can easily bring his/ her legs over your front and switch to a modified cradle position. This also works well for breastfeeding.

How to do it:

With the baby on your right shoulder, slide his legs down through the two layers of fabric.

Spread open the pouch to create a seat area.

His right leg should be in front of you while his left leg will be behind you.

Pull lower rail up to your baby's knees to make sure he's safely seated in the pocket.

Pull upper rail up to his neck's base (For older babies, the fabric will only go mid-way up the back)


Ring Sling Fitting

You can breastfeed so easily and discreetly with your Ring Sling so that no one will notice! Once your baby latches you can cover yourself with the tail for a improved privacy. Another advantage is that your baby will be more isolated from external stimulus and will keep his attention in nursing. Now you can start moving and breastfeed hands free!

In cradle position (or hip carry modified position)

Loosen lower rail to lower the layer of fabric between you and your baby to uncover your breast area. Lift your shirt and gently guide his head towards your breast. Adjust rails.

Hip carry (for older babies)

Lift your shirt to uncover your breast. Pull lower rail to loosen a bit and make your baby hang lower. Lift your breast a little bit and gently guide his head down to your breast, adjust lower and upper rail.

Tips and Tricks

Ring Sling Fitting

Check your shoulder!

You'll find your sling more comfortable and suitable for long periods if you check your ring position before putting your baby in. You want to make sure that: Rings are just in front of your shoulder. Too high, they will dig in your shoulder, too low they will apply pressure on your breast.

Make sure the fabric is well centred and spread and it's not twisted, to distribute baby's weight. If fabric in your shoulder is too high, you'll be uncomfortable soon; if it's too low, you'll find it hard to move.

Recommended washing: on cool dark wash and natural drying

Happy Baby Wearing!!

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