How to Wear your Pouch Sling

Helpful suggestions for 1st timers

Always put baby's bottom on the seam of sling!

1. Wearing your baby is very easy and may take practice to place your baby comfortably and securely inside your Sling.

2. For the first time using your Sling, make sure your baby is rested and fed so she/he is in a good mood and ready to try something new.

3. Most babies get used to the sling easier if you keep moving.

Getting Started

Ring Sling Fitting

1. Fold the pouch inside itself to make a pocket.

2. Decide which shoulder you would like the sling to rest on.

3. The pocket seam should be in the front for cradle carry, kangaroo carry and snuggle hold. For the hip carry, rotate the seam to your side.

Ring Sling Fitting

Cradle Hold

Ring Sling Fitting1. This position is best for newborns and smaller infants (normally till 4-5 months).

2. Hold your baby on your opposite shoulder that the sling is on like you are burping him.

3. With your other hand pull the front layer of fabric out to open the pocket & lower your baby into it. Feet first then his bottom & his back & head will slide into the opening. You may need to bounce him down into the pocket & his bottom should be sitting where the seam is.

4. If they are super tiny they can have their legs straight up against your side or you can cross their legs for added comfort. Now they are ready to snuggle and most likely fall fast asleep. Perfect for colicky babies!

5. If you want to breastfeed your baby, pull the outside fabric up until the inside fabric is as low as you want it. When breastfeeding with a bigger baby his feet can hang out.


Kangaroo Hold

Ring Sling Fitting1. When your baby can support his head, you can sit him forward to enjoy everything going by.

2. Using the arm that the sling is not rested on; lift your baby up in a sitting position.

3. His back will be against your upper chest and your hand will be under his thighs.

4. Open your pocket with the other hand and bounce baby in the pocket, sitting cross-legged towards the front or over to the side.

5. Pull the front fabric up to make it snug and make full use of the entire pocket. His arms can hang out or be tucked in for a cozy feel.


Tummy To Tummy (Snuggle Hold)

Ring Sling Fitting1. Bring your baby up onto your opposite shoulder as if you were patting for a burp & hold your baby up there with one hand supporting his back.

2. Use you other hand to hold out all of the fabric & guide his legs down.

3. Pull the pocket open & lower his bottom into it like a seat.

4. The inside layer should be under his knees and the outside layer should be pulled up his back under his arms or his arms can be in for a great cuddle.


Hip Carry

Ring Sling Fitting1. Follow the same instructions as the snuggle hold but rotate the pocket seam onto your side and place the toddler in onto your hip.


Back Carry

Ring Sling Fitting1. When your baby is in the hip carry, all you need to do is slide the sling around to your back. He stays in place & only the sling moves around.

2. Doing a shoulder flip on the back carry will bring him in closer to you. Back carry


Happy Baby Wearing!

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