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Liberty Wraps

What makes Liberty Wraps different to other wraps on the market?

Liberty wraps are one of the most lightweight and stretchy wraps on the market. Designed and made in Britain, our wraps are 100% super safe cotton - no made made fibre such as lyrca or elastane. This breathable cotton allows for natural movement and breath ability. Our wraps come in 3 lengths and have tapered ends and less bulk for you to wear. Liberty Slings are designed not only with your style in mind, but also the safety of a secure and comfortable carry for your little one.

Am I able to Breastfeed whilst baby is in my wrap?

Yes, and we definitely encourage it! Babywearing provides a discreet option to nurse your baby, just simply loosen the tie around your waist and re-position your baby so they can attach correctly, your sling comes with paper and online instructions to guide you. You do not need to remove you wrap to feed, just choose a position from our instructions and off you go 'hands free'. Our wraps also make the perfect feeding cover, scarf or blanket when you are not wearing it.

I feel like my baby is too low and Iím carrying uncomfortably, am I wearing the wrap right?

As Liberty wraps are made from natural cotton, this comfortable stretch makes wearing your baby easier, but it is important that you tie your wrap firmly before wearing - almost having to wriggle your baby in! If at anytime you feel your baby is not held high on your chest (see T.I.C.K.S Guidelines), please remove your baby safely and re-tie your wrap more tightly before popping them in again. Ensure your wrap is TIGHT - the two passes over your shoulder will stretch out to hold baby firm and high without any sagging. You should also make sure that baby his knees bent higher then their bottom so that it creates a nice wide, deep seated squat for baby. This provides the correct support and positioning for a safe and comfortable carry.

What is the minimum and maximum age to carry my baby?

Liberty Slings recommend using your wrap from the moment baby arrives as we are sure you are familiar with 'kangeroo care'! Babywearing provides the most womb-like environment they could be in. brand new babies love to be all cuddled in, heart-to-heart, so start carrying your new baby right away. There are also no belts, buckles, clips, bulky fabrics or padding involved with a Liberty wrap, just a soft, natural carry hold for your little one. Liberty wraps are designed for the first 12 months of babyís life, with a maximum weight range of up to 35lbs. Our comfortable 100% soft cotton ensures a firm, snug fit and our fabrics mould to both you and baby ensuring a comfortable fit for everybody.

Does one size really fit all?

Our wraps come in 3 lengths designed to be long enough to fit any baby wearing parent.

Can Liberty Slings be machine washed and tumble dried?

Yes, we recommend washing your sling separately on 30 degrees celsius. We recommend line drying when possible.

Can I carry a premature baby safely?

Yes, baby wearing is perfect for your premmie baby, as the snug carry and mamaís heartbeat is the closest environment to inside the womb. Liberty wraps are stretchy and will mould around both you and baby for a warm, close and organic carry. Always ensure baby is fully supported and airways and face are clear at all times and refer to your T.I.C.K.s GUIDELINES.

Can I carry my twins in your wraps?

Yes. Liberty wraps can accommodate the blessing of of 2 babies.

Can I carry my baby in a Liberty wrap after a C-Section delivery?

Yes, as you tie your wrap under your bust, your baby sits high on your chest. Our fabric is also super soft and the weight of the carry will be distributed evenly on your shoulders and not low or near our pelvic area.

Liberty Ring Sling

What makes Liberty Ring Slings different to others on the market?

Liberty Slings are made with natural 100% safely tested cotton, Our slings also offer stylish and on trend prints and colours for you to co ordinate your outfits while still always providing a 100% safe and secure carry. Our rings have been quality and safety tested by a UK Government Recognised UKAS Accreditation Laboratory.

From what age can I wear my baby in a Sling?

Liberty Slings recommend using your sling from the moment baby arrives! Babywearing provides the most womb-like environment they could be in. Little ones love to be all cuddled in, heart-to-heart, so start carrying your new baby right away. Always follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines.

What is the maximum age or weight limit for a Liberty Sling?

Liberty Slings have been tested safe to carry a recommend weight range up to 35lbs (approx 3yrs).

My baby doesnít feel secure, am I doing it right?

Always ensure you create a nice hammock space for you little one. The bottom rail is sitting up firm against the back of babyís knees and they are in a squat or ĎMí position with their bottom positioned lower than their bent knees. The trick really is to create a 'hammock' by tightening the sides of the sling (the rails) and making a seat/hammock from the centre of the fabric. When you tighten the sling pull the top (or bottom rail) out at an angle AWAY from your body and tease the edges tight leaving the middle a hammock shape. Your babys weight "locks" the fabric into place in the rings. You will need to lift your babys weight with one hand while pulling the sling tail with the other until you are both comfortable.

Can I breastfeed in a Liberty Sling?

Yes, yes, yes,. Liberty Slings are fully adjustable so always ensure you have baby in view and airways are clear at all times. The instructions you receive with your sling will show you the choices of positioning.

Is it good for my babyís physical development?

A Liberty Sling helps you to carry your baby ergonomically - which helps promote correct hip-joint development without putting pressure on your baby's spine or pelvis. It helps muscular development and prevents flat head syndrome. 'Baby wearing' will regulate your baby's body systems, including body temperature, heart rate, breathing, immune system and digestion (helping to ease colic and reflux).

Ring Sling